Professional translations call for professional translators

In the era of globalisation, manuals, operating instructions and package leaflets also have to be translated. Read on to discover how to find a good translator.

Many large and medium-sized companies are based in Stuttgart, Reutlingen and Tübingen, including many that belong to the technology industry. The term “technology” can also apply to a wide range of different areas. And because many companies that are active in the technology sector do business with foreign partners, they regularly require the support of professional translators. This is the case in the medical sector, or more precisely medical technology. Medical technology companies are involved with hospital technology, medical equipment and imaging diagnostics, among other things.

Businesses that are active in the international environment need to have operating instructions, technical documentation or contracts and liability agreements translated by specialised translators into the particular language they require. The pharmaceutical area is not far removed from the medical technology sector. Naturally package leaflets for medications have to be translated into many languages, so that the important information is read and understood by everyone taking these medications.

And if we extend the field of “technology” further, there is often technical documentation that has to be translated for other countries – documents containing all the important content about the use, maintenance and repair of technical equipment. No matter whether it is medical technology, pharmaceuticals or other technical business areas: in all cases the translations of the texts concerned have to be absolutely free from errors and must correspond one hundred percent to the source text. If value is not attached to maximum quality when translating here, this can have grave consequences.

So how can you find professional translators, and what should you bear in mind? There is a special standard for translation companies, which specifies very precisely which work processes and guidelines guarantee the highest quality when translating. This standard is called DIN EN ISO 17100. A company which not only works in accordance with this standard, but has also actually been certified in accordance with this standard, has undergone a lengthy assessment process, at the end of which it was officially confirmed that the company works in accordance with all the conceivable quality standards and delivers perfect quality.

In Germany there are companies for professional translations which have been certified in accordance with this standard. One of these is GTBS, German Translation + Business Service, from Tübingen. This owner-managed company has been certified in accordance with the standard DIN EN ISO 17100, as well as in accordance with the standard DIN EN ISO 9001, which guarantees the quality of the general office processes.

As GTBS has not only private customers, but also many partners from the free market economy, the employees know precisely what expectations internationally active companies have, which questions might crop up, and that high quality requires a high degree of flexibility from the translation company. It is not uncommon for the texts that need to be translated to be changed at the last minute, or for additional wishes to be expressed in terms of the layout and delivery time.

The Managing Director of GTBS, Patrizia Savarino-Aschmann, has worked as a manager in the translation industry for almost twenty years, so customers will always find a solution here, even in difficult cases. The company works only with qualified specialised translators who have at least five years’ professional experience, live mainly in the home country of their language and thus know it inside out.

In addition, at GTBS the native speaker principle applies: only native speakers are used for a translation, as only a trained native speaker is able to meet the quality standards set by GTBS. But the requirements do not end here. Going back to the start of this text and medical technology, pharmaceuticals or other technical areas: GTBS also attaches value to the respective translator having specialised in the sector for which they translate. This also contributes to the high-quality translations of international standard. Customers from Tübingen, Reutlingen and Stuttgart also appreciate the fact that GTBS is nearby. Some things are best planned in a face-to-face conversation - especially where larger translation projects are involved.

Whether for private customers or corporate customers, GTBS works with fixed prices, which makes the pricing clear and simple for the customers. Through its large network of professional translators, GTBS is also able to translate into any official language in the world, so customers do not need to turn to another agency for an unusual language.

Translation is a matter of trust – so when looking for the right partner, you should pay attention to the company’s certifications. Then you can confidently send the translation you have ordered anywhere in the world and be sure you are understood.

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