Professional translations into all languages

We are the experts for professional translations, and have a global network of professional translators at our disposal. We translate into every language, and work exclusively according to the native speaker principle, which is why most of our specialised translators live and work in their native country.


For your specialised texts we exclusively use qualified professional translators who specialise among other things in texts from the fields of technology, engineering, the automotive industry, medicine, law, IT, finance and many other specialist sectors.


Our key features

  • All orders are carried out in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 and DIN EN ISO 17100:2016, as we have successfully been certified in accordance with both standards
  • Translations into all international business languages as well as into exotic languages are undertaken exclusively by experienced, native-speaker translators who specialise in the respective subjects
  • Translations are reviewed by a second, independent professional translator
  • Creation and maintenance of a glossary included in the service
  • Sworn specialised translators for certified translations
  • Consecutive interpreting and simultaneous interpreting
  • Pricing based on the source text
  • Fixed prices

We are your partner for translating your technical documentation, instruction manuals, websites, operating instructions and all the other texts with which you want to communicate persuasively in the international environment. Naturally every translation is reviewed free of charge by a second, independent professional translator.

Whether it is professional translations from German to English, German to Spanish, German to Italian or even German to Chinese - on our price list we have compiled a brief overview of all the languages we offer. Is your desired language not shown? Simply send us a non-binding enquiry.

Discretion and integrity are a matter of course for us, and we would also be pleased to declare this in a written confidentiality agreement on request.

Would you like to see the quality of our services for yourself? We would be pleased to undertake a sample translation of up to 20 standard lines for you free of charge.

Have you a specific text that needs to be translated? We would be pleased to prepare a free quotation for you.

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Proofreading your thesis

You have put a great deal of time, effort and hard work into your dissertation, master’s or bachelor’s thesis, so it deserves to be proofread!

Be on the safe side and have your work corrected by an experienced proofreader.

As you know, to complete your studies, you also have to produce several pieces of your own work. Handing in a diploma dissertation or a bachelor’s or master’s thesis is indispensable for the successful completion of your studies.

Contact us to ensure that no errors are overlooked or remain undetected, and you can submit your work in clear, correct language. Entrust the proofreading of your dissertation or thesis to specialists with many years’ professional experience! We are just as familiar with German, Polish and Italian as we are with all the other languages of this world.


Is having your term papers proofread allowed?

Yes! Having your work proofread is allowed, and is even recommended by professors. During the proofreading process we will professionally check the spelling, word breaks, syllable breaks, all the grammar and the mode of expression.